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Cornelia Binz

Specialist solicitor in social security law

Born 1972 in Stuttgart, married, three sons

  • 1993–2000: Study of law in Tübingen and Heidelberg;
  • Multi-year study-related activities in a medical and health care in heavy maintenance
  • 2000: Second State examination with main focus on labour law
  • 2001–2003: Personnel consultant in the region Rhein-Main (around Frankfurt)
  • 2003: Training course of specialist solicitor for labour law
  • 2003 – 2005: Advocate in a nation-wide specialist law office for residential homes and nursing services in the region Rhein-Main
  • 2005–2007: Consultant personnel department of an international company
  • Since 2006: Specialist solicitor of social security law
  • 2013: Training course of specialist solicitor for mercantile law and law of associations

Languages: English


  • Contract of labour: Design and examination, terminability, contestation, time of probation, temporary job, part-time work, minor employment status and so on
  • Warning: Effective phrase, inquiry, elimination from HR-dossier
  • Works council: Collaboration, co-determination rights of the works council
  • Termination working relationship: Dismissal with immediate effect and proper notice of termination, lawsuit of dismissal protection, alternative solutions to dismissal, agreement to terminate a contract and close a contract of compensation for loss of office
  • Job reference: Issue and inquiry
  • Parental leave: Part-time employment during and after parental leave, unemployment compensation after parental leave and so on


  • Promotion of employment: e.g. blocking-time in case of dismissal, unemployment compensation
  • Health insurance: e.g. absorption of costs for adjuvant and medicaments, treatment at a health resort, homely patient care
  • Annuity assurance: e.g. pension of reduction in earning capacity
  • Accident insurance: e.g. accident at work and occupational disease
  • Kids and youth welfare services: e.g. setting-in allowance, assistance in education
  • Law for handicapped persons: e.g. approval of severe disability, financial support
  • Welfare: e.g. absorption of costs for special-care home, basic insurance, claims that children have to pay for dependent parents and reclaim of donation of the agency of welfare
  • Low of special-care home and special-care: e.g. absorption of costs, accounts receivables of special-care-home-contracts or rather care-contracts, conflicts with care fund (level of care), proceedings of care-ratings and so on


  • Parting, matrimonial agreement, right of access, right of custody, legislation of habitation, maintenance, social services department take children back in custodial care in case of costs of special-care-home (parents-child-support) and so on


  • Establishment, commutation, processing
  • Payments of inheritance law and law of domestic relations/family law, industrial and trade law, international law of associations (particular incorporated companies)
  • Change of participator and emulation business company
  • Differences between associates management of proceed and law suit
  • Payments of employment law, law of contract of employment and right of co-determination, business leader contract of a limited liability company
  • Crisis and restructuring, insolvency
  • Liability
  • M & A