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     "All men are wise – some sooner, some later"

Voltaire, 1694–1778


Irrespective of whether you're an entrepreneur or a consumer, the following pages from Binz Lawyers will show you the clear advantages of consulting specialised professionals when dealing with important legal matters.

Because – in Germany – the lawyer's fee will always be less than the cost of the damages that may be incurred.

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Binz Lawyers in Trier/Germany:


Dr. Gerrit Binz

Visiting Lecturer at Trier University of Applied Sciences

Certified Specialist Lawyer in Rental/Lease law and Apartment Ownership law

Certified Specialist Lawyer in Construction law and Architects law


 Cornelia Binz

Specialist solicitor in Social Security Law


Frank Ernser

Specialist solicitor in Road Traffic Law

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first-class work ▪ one point of contact ▪ effective guidance to achieve your goal

No less important:

accessibility ▪ reliability ▪ amiability: +4965199472700

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